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St Julian’s mayor Albert Buttigieg has questioned whether the law was optional for some in Malta after illegal work was started on a Balluta Bay building owned by Carlo Stivala. 

Footage uploaded to Facebook by Buttigieg shows workers removing wooden apertures from the building which housed the Barracuda and Piccolo Padre Restaurants. 

“On New Year’s Day, when many were on holiday and most entities closed, the new owner of the building that previously housed Barracuda and Piccolo Padre (Mr Carlo Stivala), removed the wooden windows and balconies. All this, it seems, without having been granted any permit by the Planning Authority,” Buttigieg said. 

“A simple question: Does the law apply to everyone or is it optional for some people. A reply would be appreciated.”

According to the Planning Authority website, an application has been submitted requesting permission to make alterations to the facade and the inside of the building for it to be converted into a food and entertainment establishment. 

The application’s processing is, however, currently suspended at the request of the architect. 

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