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The Planning Authority has ordered illegal works on a Balluta Bay building to stop immediately noting that no permit had been granted for the works on what is a building that enjoys special protection. 

Earlier today, St Julian’s mayor Albert Buttigeg uploaded a Facebook post in which he lamented what he described as a situation in Malta that saw the law not apply to certain groups of people. 

He uploaded footage of apertures being removed from the building, which formerly housed the Piccolo Padre and Barracuda restaurants. 

The developer behind the project is Carlos Stivala, the brother of Malta Developers Association president Michael Stivala. 

The Planning Authority was quick to react to the story, noting that it had issued stop and enforcement notices with a daily penalty in relation to the illegal works. 

It also noted that a permit application submitted by the applicant was currently suspended. 

“In 1994, the Planning Authority had given this property and several other properties in the area of Balluta special protection status as Grade 2 protected buildings,” it said in a statement. 

It added that it would be monitoring the site to ensure that no further works were carried out. 

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