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Maltese activist Chelsea Muscat has shared an emotional poem about her love for Gozo ahead of tomorrow’s Planning Authority hearing for a controversial application in Nadur.

The development application of 51 flats in the area of Tas-Sajtun, had received over 1,500 objections during the representation period, with residents and environmentalists greatly concerned about what its approval can bring for the locality and by extension all of Gozo.

“This is the only love I’ve ever known, me and the land, hand in hand, I love you Gozo,” Corrine Zahra reads, who narrated the poem in the video. 

The heartfelt video first starts off with beautiful scenes of nature and wildlife in Gozo, while the Maltese poem is being narrated in the background.

“I am no lawyer, but a simple poet, who follows their heart, and you may call me naive, but that is my privilege at the moment,” she continues.

The video clips then move on to damning headlines that Malta’s citizens have to face on a daily basis such as buildings collapsing and buildings being built on ODZ land. 

The poem then takes on a more inspiring tone, urging the people of Gozo and Malta alike to voice their concerns, and stand up in numbers to be counted.

“Restore the power in you, because that is where change begins,” she reads.

The video concludes with a call for people to join the PA Hearing on Wednesday 26th January, happening at 11:30 am.

“Gozitans now is the chance that we show our strength.” 

The enormous project is threatening to entirely engulf the area known as Tas-Sajtun in Nadur and will ruin the quality of life of residents of the area.

Plenty of objections were put forward to the Planning Authority. These are just some of them:

  1. Arable land will be destroyed, harming local farmers and impacting EU targets with regards to the Farm to Fork strategy.
  2. The development will lead to parking problems and burden existing infrastructure.
  3. Natura 2000 site in the vicinity.
  4. The proposed development will exacerbate issues with runoff water drainage.
  5. The design fails to complement the existing context.
  6. The proposed development will imply further noise pollution in a peaceful area, particularly due to the communal pool.
  7. Excessive number of apartments.
  8. The development will rob residents of views.
  9. The project completely disregards the development boundary and runs counter to SPED objectives.
  10. The development will alter the character of the area and the locality of Nadur.
  11. The proposed large-scale excavation is unjustified.
  12. The development runs counter to policies within the RPDG2014, 1553a
  13. It will lead to the loss of flora, fauna and garigue.
  14. There is no housing need in the area – an audit of apartments was suggested.
  15. Ownership issues

Multiple organisations have been working tirelessly to get this permit rejected, including Moviment Graffitti, FAA, Għawdix, Din l-Art Ħelwa, and Malta ARCH.

Share this beautiful poem to raise awareness and save Gozo