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A traditional ‘ħajt tas-sejjieħ’ in the limits of Baħrija was found collapsed after this weekend’s storm.

The rubble wall only lasted a few days after it was built recently, and gave way after just a few minutes of rain and wind.

A local farmer described this wall as “anything apart from being a wall” when speaking with PN candidate Clifford Zahra Fenech, who wanted to raise awareness over the shoddy walls. 

The wall can be found at Triq ta’ Bieb ir-Ruwa, Baħrija.

Zahra Fenech flagged the issue in a Facebook post and stressed that traditional rubble walls should be built with the correct technique to avoid such complications. Typically, rubble walls last decades and are reliably strong.

“Are we going to continue accepting inferior work?”

Zahra Fenech also highlighted the hazard that a collapsed rubble wall comes with for residents or drivers passing through the affected road.

He pointed out that traditional rubble walls are an integral part of Maltese culture, that create a sense of harmony and therefore should be given the importance that they deserve.

Rubble walls are home to a diverse array of creatures, and their primary purpose is that of keeping the soil in place from being carried away by the rain.

Lovin Malta contacted Infrastructure Malta to see who had built the wall – however, IM i said it had not built any rubble walls in that area.

What do you make of this weak attempt at a rubble wall?

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