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The Malta Developers Association (MDA) today urged the government to find an immediate solution for the dumping of construction and demolition works.

Malta is fast running out of space to dump construction waste due to a number of landfilling quarries having closed down.

If a solution was not found, road construction would need to come to an almost complete halt, the association said.

The MDA said it was holding intense discussions with the government on the issue, as it was causing a major stalling of progress in the construction industry.

According to the Director-General Deborah Schembri, the current situation needs an immediate solution and she presented Planning Minister Aaron Farrugia with a set of proposals of short and long-term solutions, aiming to resolve the impasse that is causing the distress to the industry.

The two have agreed to a follow-up meeting in the coming days, during which the government has promised to present a way forward.

Over the past few years there have been a patchwork of attempted solutions. In 2019, MDA president Sandro Chetcuti and Minister Jose Herrera agreed to set the price of disposal of construction waste in landfill at a fixed rate.

However, according to the MDA, none of the attempted solutions have proved to be effective in the long term.

With major roadworks taking place, the amount of construction waste is even higher than usual. The MDA insists that whichever solution will be agreed to must have immediate results to prevent the standstill of road construction and the jeopardy of one of Malta’s most productive sectors.

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