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A project involving ten residential villas on land classified as ODZ (Outside Development Zone) within an area of ecological importance, is being proposed in Kalkara.

The proposal is being made under the blanket of “reconstructing existing dilapidated buildings” for the buildings to then be used for residential purposes.

Not only is the area within ODZ, but it is also designated for ‘Rural Conservation’, hence no development should be allowed. The site measures 19,000 sqm, located supposedly within an area of ecological importance.

The Kalkara Local Council has also objected to the project and filed an official letter of recommendation against it, asking to be recognised as an official objector.

The Local Council outlined various reasons for its recommendation, also explaining that the area falls within Wied Rinella, which “area is scheduled under GN930 of 2002 with a Level 2 protection, Site of Scientific Importance and a level 4, Area of Ecological Importance”.

Its letter also made reference to ‘The Rural Policy and Design Guidance 2014’ which outlines that only development related to agriculture would be permissible in such an area.

It concluded by saying that “the proposed development has nothing to do with agricultural activities but is related to residential activities that are not justified. This type of development can be easily located within the already existing development zones”.

Marine biologist and environmentalist Alan Deidun has also spoken against the proposed development, saying that the project is “under the lame excuse that existing dilapidated structures are being repaired.” 

He also called on to Planning Authority, saying “Dear Planning Authority, it’s time to walk the walk now, if you really believe in upholding the principles of sustainable development on these islands”.

The site is located in the area of Triq Santu Rokku, Sqaq Tewma, and Triq Joseph Calleja in Kalkara.

Objections are still being accepted against the project, with various environmental organisations already having submitted theirs, including the Ramblers Association.

What do you make of this? 

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