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San Niklaw Bay in Comino forms part of the private concession granted to the island’s hotel in 1975 that has now been purchased by HV Hospitality Ltd, the company overseeing the redevelopment of the site. 

“This land [which includes both San Niklaw’s jetty and foreshore] has been subject to private rights by virtue of public deeds that were entered into between the government and the hotel’s previous owners in 1975,” a company spokesperson told the Times of Malta, in an article detailing concerns over restricted access to the foreshore. 

The issue erupted after Moviment Graffitti raised concerns that barriers around the at-present derelict hotel and its bungalows were blocking public access to bays. It insisted that the area was public domain. 

However, the company begs to differ, also adding that the land in question is currently boarded up because of safety concerns. Still, it remains to be seen whether the areas will be private once the site is developed.

According to plans, the project aims to redevelop the existing Comino Hotel and the bungalow complex on the north of the island into a new hotel and serviced bungalows.

The rooms and residences will be mixed between short and long leases. It will take two years to complete with Hili Ventures dishing out a €110 million to €120 million investment.

There are concerns that some bungalows may be privatised after an Environmental Impact Assessment indicated as such.

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