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Qala residents, the town’s mayor and activists gathered in Ħondoq Bay today for a site visit as part of the ongoing appeal against a proposed marina in the area.

This comes after the mayor of Qala Paul Buttigieg issued a call for people to attend today’s site visit as a 19-year-old battle over the Qala Creek Project continues.

“Right now we are at Ħondoq ir-Rummien to show our support for the Mayor of Qala and all its residents that have been fighting against this development for 19 years now,” Moviment Graffitti wrote in a Facebook post, sharing images of the gathered crowd who are standing against this development.

Today’s site visit comes after an application was filed before the Environment Planning Review Tribunal by the Qala local council asking for a decision on the controversial appeal for a yacht marina and tourist village at Ħondoq.

Today, the Tribunal attended the area to decide on the appeal which was brought forward by the applicant.

The last sitting before the Tribunal was held over a year ago, where it was decided to put off the decision temporarily and schedule a site visit.

“Here we are also joined by Carmelo Galea, who is also the lawyer behind the company Gozo Prestige,” the group said.

Gozo Prestige is opposing the decision for the refusal of the application, which would lead to the eventual destruction of Ħondoq Bay.

The constant attempts at taking over the bay have always been met by harsh resistance from the mayor and residents, and the mayor has been trying to get the area declared as public domain for years now.

This Qala Creek Project application first surfaced back in 2002 and has gone through many stages of hearings and appeals.

Do you think Ħondoq should be declared public domain? 

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