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Four detached villas with two pools are being proposed on agricultural and Outside Development Zone (ODZ) land in Ħad-Dingli.

The site in question is situated along Triq Misraħ Suffara and Triq il-Ħbula in Dingli, totaling a bit over 1,000 sqm.

ODZ Villa's in DingliThe permit is currently suspended at the architect’s request, the final decision remains unclear.

It lies partly within ODZ land and partly within a rural hamlet, where construction is permitted. It is currently used for agricultural purposes.

In the environmental assessment carried out by the Planning Authority, the project has been deemed as objectionable from an environmental point of view. 

“It has the potential to negatively affect the visual amenity of the area and jeopardize the overall character of the area,” wrote ERA.

Furthermore, the approval of the project would further contribute to the overdevelopment of the rural area and would be taking up fresh agricultural land.

The project includes landscaping work such as pavements, ramps, and a number of newly planted trees. It also involves the destruction of traditional rubble walls.

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