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Illegal works have popped up in the area known as Tal-Kantra in Gozo, within ODZ land and a site of ecological importance.

Lovin Malta contacted the Planning Authority to enquire on whether a permit has been issued for these works, and it confirmed that no permit was ever approved, therefore rendering the works illegal. 

The matter was flagged by independent political candidate Arnold Cassola, who took to Facebook to share images of the concrete amid the breathtaking views of the area.

He questioned, “what is all this concrete?” as no approved permit seems to be available for the works taking place.

Sources told Lovin Malta that the illegal works actually started last August, but the concrete was placed only recently.

The photos included within the Facebook post show the concrete being laid out in various spots, as well as on the natural pathway, but it remains unclear on what is actually happening.

As highlighted within the case officer’s report which came out earlier this year in June, the recommendation for this permit was that of refusal. 

It seems that these works are supposed to be part of a permit applied for the construction of a boundary wall to separate the existing villa and parking area, which was never approved.

Apart from the area being an outside development zone and an area of ecological importance, it is also within the Natura 2000 zone and also of scientific importance due to the Mgarr ix-Xini valley watercourse.

The proposal is also not in adherence to three policies within the Rural Policy and Design Guidance, as well as four of the objectives outlined within the Strategic Plan For Environment and Development.

“In view of the above comments, the proposal cannot be favorably considered. Hence, a refusal is being recommended,” the case officer report reads. 

The Environment and Resources Authority and the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage had also objected to the proposal.

Lovin Malta also reported the illegal works to the Planning Authority, and the enforcement unit will now be looking into the works.

What do you make of this? 

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