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The local council of Għarb has just taken a unanimous vote against the new road and zoning application being proposed on agricultural ODZ land.

This comes after weeks of uncertainty on whether the local council will be voting against or for the development.

The Local Council said that “it is taking a unanimous position against the application”, after the objections raised by residents. 

Mayor David Apap Agius said that “the Għarb Local Council has always been against applications which are not sustainable and in an ODZ area, both in small applications and more and more in a project of such size.”

The Mayor also stated that “the residents and the locality have always been the first priority above everything else ensuring that the health and peaceful life of the residents including the tranquility, beauty and clean area is enjoyed in the locality.”

The decision was also taken on the basis that a Planning Control application is not the appropriate one to consider or discuss such an application.

Apap Agius also added that the council “will remain committed to protecting the health and well-being of residents and people with holiday properties including also owners with tourist accommodation in the locality with the aim that Gharb will really continue to enjoy its popularity.” 

The road and zoning application that is currently being proposed on over 5,000 sqm of ODZ land in Għarb, led by Joseph Portelli’s employee, are set to have major ramifications on the residents and the classic characteristics of the town.

This comes just a day before the representations period for this application closes, with the deadline being tomorrow 27th October.

What do you make of this? 

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