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In an unprecedented move, the Planning Authority has decided to limit access to public objections, following a memo that was circulated internally.

The matter was flagged by pressure group Moviment Graffitti, as they were notified of the change.

Now, public representations can no longer be accessed.

“This decision only shows that the PA is trying to hide basic information from a system that already works against citizens,” Moviment Graffitti said. 

“The favoritism towards developers just keeps on becoming more and more obvious,” it said. 

This is set to be a major case of censorship of public information, as access is being controlled and limited over what should be public.

Following this change, only the applicant and the architect can view the representations filed for any case.

This means that the public can no longer view the number of representations filed or their nature, regardless of the scale of the project. 

The pressure group also stressed that it will be fighting against this new measure in all ways possible.

Do you think the public has a right to access? 

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