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Malta’s Building and Construction Agency has insisted that it is onsite experts like architects and site technical officers who should be responsible for ensuring that development is being done responsibly.

The BCA spoke to Lovin Malta following an article which revealed the agency does not review or overrule an architect’s method statement.

“Ongoing works on a project are the responsibility of various declared experts, such as the architect who signs the method statement, the Site Technical Officer and others. These experts are duty-bound to oversee the project and the way it is implemented.”

“They are also obliged by law to report any irregularities or non-compliance they may encounter during a project that does not conform with the documentation submitted,” the agency said.

There have been serious questions over the method statement of the excavation site neighbouring Miriam Pace’s home. The architect, Roderick Camilleri, who is also a shareholder in the development and the author of the risk-assessing method statement, had declared that a collapse of nearby buildings was “minimal”.

While conceding that it was still recruiting the necessary resources to execute its duties, the BCA said it has conducted over 900 inspections and closed 14 sites. However, with the rate of development in the country, the number of checks should be far higher.

Meanwhile, two of the sites closed down belonged to Ludwig Dimech, the contractor responsible for the demolition and excavation works of the construction site that neighboured Miriam Pace’s now-collapsed home.

The BCA replaced the much-maligned Building Regulations Office in August 2019. It is responsible for the design, implementation and dissemination of policies, and the consolidation and review of laws and regulations.

The public can contact the Agency with any concerns by phone on 22927741 or by email [email protected].

Furthermore, the Agency is currently working on a website that will include all information, documentation and forms inherent to the building and construction industry, this will be available shortly. Currently, all information pertaining to the industry is still available on www.bro.gov.mt.

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