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Photo: Facebook 

A family in Bormla had a near miss last Saturday, as the ceiling of their house collapsed in the early hours of the morning while they were fast asleep.

The roof at the house in Sqaq Srejdek gave way at around 1:50am and fell right onto the living room below, which also suffered extensive damage.

The family – a man and woman (both 29 years old) and their nine-month-old baby – were asleep at the time and luckily escaped the collapse without any injuries. Their cat also managed to get out of the tragedy alive.


Photo: Facebook


Photo: Facebook 

“I cannot explain in words what we felt and how lucky we were to get out of there alive,” the husband, an Italian national, said on a Facebook group. “We pass through that room all the time and my kid watches cartoons there. We are still shocked but I would like to thank the police force, the Civil Protection Department and Enemalta for helping us throughout the night and finding our cat who was under the concrete.”

“I’m glad and happy to live in this country. I always knew that you Maltese are fantastic and amazing, and I just got another confirmation.”

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