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An architect has denied claims on unsafe practices on a construction site that has previously been halted over concerns over a potential collapse. 

The issue first erupted in April 2021, when an exasperated family reached out to Lovin Malta after two structural and geological reports highlighted that they were at risk of being buried in their home due to nearby construction. 

The Montebello family had spent thousands to alert authorities over the shoddy workmanship and enforcement in the construction site.  

An agreement was reached in May 2021 whereby the safety of the family would be guaranteed, including by providing them with adequate alternative accommodation.

However, sources have claimed that regulations continue to be breached with an ever-changing method statement.

David Psaila insisted to Lovin Malta that the work is always being carried out in full agreement with the architect representing the owners and under the supervision of Adrian Mifsud, a Geotechnical engineer.

He maintained that excavation works remain being carried out at 76cm, 

“It is also not true that excavation works ever continued without the approval of the authorities. It is also not true that any works were carried out not according to the method statement,” he said. 

Psaila also referred to an incident in October 2021 when the BCA halted his works, insisting that the contract was appealed and the fines were waived. 

“Considering the fact that this is quite a large project, the method statement will be updated during the works as many times as it is necessary in order to safeguard third-party properties and to apply the best workmanship.”

He denied claims that a neighbour’s bathroom was damaged. 

“To date the only damages incurred to the premises of family Montebello as listed by their architect are some detached grouting between the skirting and the floor tiles and some damages to the plastering works. These damages were classified by the Architect representing the Montebello’s family as structurally insignificant and do not pose any danger to the property residents. One must also point out that although this site abuts with about fifteen different owners, no one has complained of any damages, not even the owner underlying the premises of family Montebello,” he said.

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