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With one of the largest portfolios in the cabinet, Minister for Transport, Infrastructure, and Capital Projects Ian Borg is never too far from criticism or controversy, whether that’s the uprooting of trees, overdevelopment, and Malta’s never-ending traffic problem.

Lovin Malta sat down with the Minister to delve deeper into the issues facing the country, and what he’s doing to solve them:

Q: Beyond the issues raised about the uprooting trees, the number of cars increasing by anything between 40 to 80 cars per day, is widening roads a solution to the traffic problem, or are we just buying time?

Q: In detailed plans, Konrad Xuereb said Malta could have parts of a complete metro system up and running in 10 years time? Do you think that’ possible? Is it something you are looking into?

Q: The fact remains that people are simply not willing to stop using their private cars and change to public transport, no matter the incentive. If you’re not willing to take the bus yourself, why should other people do so?

Q: The issue surrounding the uprooting of trees, you can probably agree, speaks to wider concerns people are having with the environment and overdevelopment. This culminated in the ‘Zejjed Kollu Zejjed’ protest.  A record-breaking 13,000 permits were issued by the PA, has overdevelopment gone haywire?

Q: Piecemeal applications to buildings are an issue, with Din L-Art Helwa Chairperson Alex Torpiano even flagging how one site in St Julian’s was able to get his project approved by filing a series of different permits at different stages. This is not a unique case. Is the PA ripe for abuse from people who know how to use the system? 

Q: Another controversial topic you’re overseeing is the Gozo tunnel. The introduction of a fourth ferry has brought with it questions as to whether it is at all necessary, do you agree?

Q: There have been rumours swirling surrounding a leadership bid should Prime Minister Joseph Muscat leave. You seem to have thrown your name into the mix. Are you interested?

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