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Malta’s Chamber of Architects has warned that until contractors are required to possess a license to operate, negligent and reckless behaviour from some will continue.

The Chamber issued the statement in the wake of an incident that saw an injured migrant worker dumped on the roadside by his employer.

“The construction industry has hit yet another low…  this incident is a stark reminder that some industry operators are yet to reach basic levels of responsible behaviour grounded in humanity and compassion.” the Chamber said.

A man, believed to be Glen Farrugia, one of the two shareholders and directors of the company J&G Farrugia Contractors Limited, has been questioned by police.

The worker is understood to have fallen while working. He claimed that his “boss” had told him that he would take him to hospital, but instead dumped him on a pavement near Selmun.

He was eventually discovered by passers-by and was taken to Mater Dei Hospital for treatment, where he was certified as having sustained grievous injuries.

“Until contractors are required to possess a licence to operate, which among other things would ensure that they adhere to construction regulations and provide lawful employment, we will never make the quality leap we require,” the Chamber said.

On its part, it will insist that new licensing regulations include provisions sanctioning or barring any contractors who were found to be responsible for serious injury or the loss of life of their workmen or neighbours through negligence prior to their coming into force.

“The industry must send a strong signal to “cowboy” operators that all its main stakeholders shall adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards behaviour which is inhumane, exploitative, and negligent to its labour force,” it said.

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